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The trophy

It is a work of art, a precious work of art, the dream of every inhabitant of Arezzo. It is the trophy that once conquered, is kept in the seat of the winning district and in the memories of the inhabitants of its district. Every year, Arezzo dedicates the trophy of the Saracen Joust to illustrious personalities or to episodes that have made the city remarkable.
The Lancia d’Oro is made of wood, with a preference of walnut, linden or maple. It is 3 metres and 55 centimetres long, and is usuallly decorated in gold leaf and with valuable gems.

The Golden Spear is the result of the mastery of the aretin archaeologist Francesco Conti, who, for decades, has shaped by what the aretines affectionately call “brocco”.
For each edition, the golden spear has a different dedication. Its realization takes place on a sketch of the winner of the “Competition of Ideas for the Realization of the Handle of the Golden Lance”, which is attended by many nationally and internationally renowned artists which is making the trophy even more precious.

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